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Orange River Blues

On August 5, 2015, the toxic secrets of The Gold King Mine high in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado spilled forth when workers breached a plug containing mine wastes. Three million gallons of heavy metal-laden wastewater spilled into area watersheds and flowed through downstream towns. I lived about three blocks from the Animas when it happened.


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“I’m Not a Miner, I’m a Provider”

Onofre Tafoya spent 40 years moving the earth in an underground copper mine near Tucson. But it was more than hard work. It was the place where, as he says, he “became a man.”


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Southwest Colorado Bear Study Brings New Insight Into Bruin Behavior

Black bears in Colorado are spending less time in hibernation and living closer to human development. They still prefer nuts and berries over garbage. And their numbers are decreasing. Those are some of the key findings of a recently-concluded Colorado Parks & Wildlife study of bears living near Durango.


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Copper: The Miracle Metal

Copper casts both a shiny and a dull finish in Arizona, where the mining of the metal has contributed to fortune and failure.

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