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Search engines give a lot of weight to well-written online content. Pithy writing and typos can indicate a “low-quality” site. I craft results-based copy for website landing pages, blogs, product and service descriptions, press releases, case studies, and more.

Social Media Campaigns

Targeted social posts can be a potent driver of leads and conversions when done right. I can create your social campaigns, including post copywriting, hashtag research, media asset management, and strategic scheduling via social feed management apps.

Wordpress Web Design and Management

A website is a company’s most effective impression builder. The design and user experience should be maximized for ease-of-use and conversions. I can build your site from scratch or refresh your existing one. Services include hosting setup, navigation and core service planning, template and landing page design, and SEO and analytics integration.

Podcast Editing, Mixdown and Distribution

In a sea of podcasts, the ones that sound good get heard. I have more than two decades of experience providing major-market audio production. I perform basic edits on your pre-recorded podcast and “sweeten” the audio to give it a professional veneer. Then I handle the mixdown, take care of show notes and transcriptions, and handle the distribution via RSS and various podcast networks.

Recipient of three Edward R. Murrow Awards for broadcast journalism excellence.

  • 2013 National Edward R. Murrow Award: Best Audio Feature Reporting
  • 2013 Regional Edward R. Murrow Award: Best Feature Reporting
  • 2013 Regional Edward R. Murrow Award: Best News Documentary

Copywriting Samples

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Viral Influence Sells!


Perhaps you’ve been wondering how to leverage the power of social media marketing. You know that Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks can be used for much more than cat videos and sunset photos.

As you scroll through your feeds, you’ve been seeing businesses like yours with a story to tell and you’re excited to see that it’s connecting with their audience. It’s also driving traffic to their website and resulting in more qualified leads, even sales.

You want the same for your business. But where do you start? You’re busy with existing customers and your overall growth. The idea of creating and sending a bunch of original posts every day makes your head spin! You need someone to be your invisible “hands on the keyboard,” doing all the important, but time-consuming work for you.’s SMM services can be your hands. We use proven tactics to help you create an enduring online brand and increase the popularity of your website. We also take care of marketing for your RSS feed, social bookmarking, local advertising, and more.

Here’s what you’ll get with’s SMM services: A team of social media experts that will help you build a potent online brand identity, quickly and easily. We optimize your accounts on the networks that best suit your needs, so your “fans” can help spread the word about you. We’ll also make sure that you have their demographic data, so you can create custom messages and campaigns.

Which social media networks can we help you with?

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Pinterest
• Linkedin
• Reddit
• YouTube
• Google+
• Instagram



Ready to join the many businesses that are increasing their exposure and sales with effective social media marketing? Schedule a call today.


Data Processing and Conversion

Data Processing and Data Conversion

Information made useful!


You might not think very often about how you could use some help with something like data processing and conversion.

Making sense of data can be the key to running an efficient and successful business. But it’s not easy keeping up with it. Dealing with the mountain of sales reports and customer records on your desk isn’t as exciting as hiring a new sales superstar or getting your latest idea ready for the market.

What if there was a way to get your important paperwork entered into your database, quickly and easily? Then what if someone could help you make sense of the data, so it does something useful for you?

The document mountain would disappear, your database would be up-to-date, and you’d have the information you need to run your business with more intelligence and efficiency.

Sounds like a great plan! And it’s perfectly doable with’s data processing and conversion solutions.

We take your paper documents, forms, and reports and turn them into clean, actionable data. They’re formatted to be used by modern CRM and marketing automation systems. Then we analyze it and help you learn how it can drive more traffic to your website and result in more customers.

We work with more than just your information. We can gather important data from your competitor’s websites and deliver highly-useful information as you develop your business and marketing plans.

That mountain of paperwork isn’t getting any smaller. Luckily, is here to handle it. Our data processing and data conversion services take care of the details for you. Now you’ll have even more tools to market to your existing customers and people already familiar with your business!

Commercial Locksmithing

Commercial Locksmithing

Getting serious about security

Adam didn’t get to sit down at his new desk until early afternoon. His first day at the new restaurant had been consumed with meetings. Now, alone in his office, he looked around and smiled in satisfaction. He’d worked hard to land the manager’s job and was eager to get started putting his mark on the place.

He thought about his first priority. This restaurant didn’t have some of the issues common to most; he was inheriting a seasoned kitchen and wait staff, a popular menu, and reliable purveyors.

But he’d learned, much to his surprise, that most of the employees had a key to the front door. Apparently an honor system had been in place for some time. The restaurant’s books showed very little food was walking away, but it made Adam uneasy. His alarm rose when he learned that some former employees hadn’t turned in their keys. It was like leaving the front door unlocked around-the-clock!

He realized that his first act as a manager would be to call a locksmith. He looked through his files and found the number of a local company he’d used at his last restaurant. It was time to change every lock on the premises and issue new keys to just the shift managers.

This would send a message to the staff that the new boss was serious about security.

It would say, “there’s a new way of doing business.”

Commercial locksmithing is built on trust and experience. We’re proud to serve your needs.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

On the path to realizing true success



It’s what led you to start your business. And even though you’ve come a long way, you desire more. More clients, more sales, and definitely more income. You’re seeking a tipping point in your business and life. You’re ready to step into a joyful, powerful place in which your longing is made manifest in the world.

The path forward starts here.

Biz Savvy was founded to help you identify what you love and make money doing it, so you can live your life with purpose and passion.

It’s a simple and joyful process. BizSavvy’s Deirdre Dalton Webb will help you look at what does and doesn’t work for you. Then she guides you through visualizing and meditating on what you most yearn for. You’re invited to sit with it and focus on it, from your heart. You get to hold your deepest intentions up as sacred and give them a beautiful place in which to play.

You’ll be empowered to create what you truly desire. You will be on the path to realizing true success for your value and contribution to the world.

As a creative business owner, does it ever feel to you like you’re just cruising along? Like you’re forever stuck on a big plateau, not climbing toward the level of growth you desire? You may have reached a decent level of success, but you’re still struggling. Cash flow is up and down, and you spend way too much time in the tall grass of daily tasks.

You’d rather be planning your long-term strategy, or doing some marketing, or working on that big business idea you’ve had. You know, something cool!

The path toward it starts here.

It’s time to grow into the business of your dreams, with the help of Biz Savvy business coaching.

External knowledge is internal power.

Finding a Residential Treatment Center

How to Find A Residential Treatment Center for Teenagers With Mental Health or Substance-Abuse Issues


One of the most difficult decisions a parent can make is to place their teenager in a residential treatment center for mental health issues or chemical dependency. The decision usually comes when your child’s life has become unmanageable, or when he or she is a threat to themselves or others.

The first step is to accept that your teen needs help. Then, make a plan for recovery by gathering information about treatment immediately. Also, consider if the entire family could benefit from counseling. It’s important to help your adolescent by involving all family members in the recovery process.

If you know of or are working with a mental health professional, enlist them in assessing your teen and steering you toward the right program. If you’re making the decision alone, some general tips and guidance can help you research and choose the right treatment center.

Consider the Need

Teenagers require inpatient residential mental health treatment for a variety of reasons, including bi-polar, psychotic, and obsessive-compulsive disorders, schizophrenia, depression, post-traumatic stress, and drug and alcohol dependency. Some facilities can handle all of these issues, others focus solely on addiction. If your child is severely chemically addicted, he or she may need to go to a detoxification facility before being referred to another for intensive counseling and rehabilitation.

Begin by looking for facilities that specifically work with the emotional problems of adolescents. Ideally, all residential treatment centers offer 24-hour supervision, a safe and positive environment, and counseling and activity programs that focus on recovery and avoiding a relapse.

Do Your Homework

Carefully research and review different treatment centers. The decision should not be rushed unless the need is life-threatening. Visit and explore center websites, looking for information about intake, treatment methods, and aftercare. Examine the professional credentials of each facility. Find out if the staff is licensed, experienced, and ethical. Read online reviews on third-party websites, and investigate a center’s reputation with consumer protection agencies.

When you’ve narrowed your choices of centers, arrange to talk with the staff about your teen’s needs. Ask them about the supervision program and the types of therapy they recommend. Many programs are tailored to the patient, and staff may be able to answer many of your questions. Some needs, however, may not be identified and addressed until a full diagnostic assessment is performed after intake.

For example, center staff may decide to prescribe medication as part of your teen’s treatment. Look for centers that have qualified in-house medical staff, such as psychiatrists and nurse-practitioners. If your teen is struggling with severe mental health problems, they may be assigned a psychiatrist who specializes in such issues. Similarly, adolescents who are aggressive or engaged in self-harming behaviors may receive certain types of intensive treatment.

It is your right to ask probing questions of the center staff. Find out about their credentials and how they determine their methods and programs. Find out if you can visit your teen during treatment. Get an estimate of the cost and the waiting period, if any, before your teen can be admitted. Inquire about the typical length of stay, which can be 14-90 days, depending on the situation.

A word of caution: Not are treatment centers are good, and some are outright scams.

Be especially vigilant for the following warning signs:

  • A lack of clear protocols for patient safety.
  • Negative online reputation.
  • History of being under investigation by local or state agencies, or discipline for misconduct.
  • Expired licenses or certifications.

Also, avoid any center that is evasive in answering your questions, or refuses to let you see parts of the facility before you make a decision.

Most centers will let you take a basic tour, which can be a very important part of the decision-making process. If a tour isn’t feasible, make specific inquiries about the general nature of patient rooms, the activity, fitness, and counseling spaces, and the grounds.

Consider the Types of Treatment Will Best Help Your Teen

The most common type of treatment at a residential center is individual therapy, where teens are guided through an exploration of their emotions by a trained mental health professional. Ask about the frequency of such sessions, and whether your teen will work with one therapist, or a team, for the duration of their stay.

Inquire if group therapy is appropriate for your teen. Often held several times a day, it can become a good place for them to bond and communicate with peers who are having similar problems. Both individual and group therapy sessions concentrate on helping the patient understand the impact of their decisions, identify the root causes of their emotional problems, and learn new strategies for coping.

Treatment plans may include other components such as recreational, music, or sports therapy, support groups, academic coursework, and vocational skills assistance.

Again, center staff will be able to ascertain which variety of therapies and programs are best for your teen, but they should all strive to give the patient an opportunity to examine their emotions and motivations and invite them to consider different choices and outcomes.

Consider also whether your child needs to be placed in a tightly controlled, or “locked” facility, where they are closely monitored and forbidden to leave; or a relatively open one, where they are allowed to leave with center staff under certain conditions. Realize that in some locked facilities, you may not be able to visit your teen during their stay.

Planning for Discharge and Aftercare

Many treatment programs prepare for the discharge process almost immediately after intake. Treatment plans are designed to ready teens for their successful reintegration into family and society. It could be a process where your child returns to daily life gradually, or with the help of an intensive outpatient plan. Center staff will also recommend specific aftercare treatment, such as continued individual or group therapy, or 12-step programs.

Planning for the Cost

The cost of inpatient treatment varies widely. Many centers base their price on a number of factors, including the type and length of treatment, and specific patient needs such as detoxification or type of counseling. The location also plays a big role; treatment centers in upscale places like Santa Fe and Sedona tend to cost more than those in a place such as suburban Denver. In some cases, the cost can be substantial, especially if the center offers luxurious amenities. Other facilities are quite inexpensive, especially with good health insurance. Many centers also consider family financial circumstances and offer services on a sliding-fee scale.

Treatment plans don’t come at a fixed price. They’re set according to the individual patient’s needs. For this reason, it can be hard to know what a typical treatment plan will cost until the staff knows more about your adolescent’s situation.


Helping your child navigate this difficult time may be one of the most important things you ever do as a parent. Carefully choosing the right residential treatment center and recovery plan is tantamount. Be diligent with your research, and ask lots of questions. Above all, remember that the family unit is one of the most important of all support systems for your teen.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Found! (By Design.)


Search engine optimization… The term conjures notions of strange and ever-shifting techniques to get your website to stand out from the pack. You know that if it’s done right, your website could consistently land at the top of search engine results pages, which will boost your audience’s awareness of your brand.

Some studies have found that a top-three ranking on a results page leads to a 7% chance of click-throughs, at minimum. And that translates to a 7% growth in lead generation.

But you’re not exactly sure how SEO works. Picking keywords makes sense, but things like link-building and code optimization are where things get murky. Plus, it seems Google and Bing change their algorithms so frequently that it’s hard to stay ahead of the latest strategies.

You need someone who can keep up with it, someone who knows how to get you discovered by the audience you desire while juggling all those mysterious algorithm changes! is your friend in the wilderness. Our expert SEO services help you supercharge your audience’s awareness of your brand, leading to more revenue and maximization of your ROI.

Here’s a rundown of some of our SEO services:

• SEO audit and competitive analysis
• Keyword research analysis and strategy
• Website architecture optimization
• Code optimization (HTML elements)
• Content strategy and optimization
• Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools configuration
• Technical SEO elements
• Local SEO optimization
• Authority establishment and link-building

You could go on wondering what a website properly configured for SEO can do for you. Or you could let turn your site into a growth machine for your business. Schedule a call with us today about our search engine optimization services.

CRM Consulting

CRM Consulting Services

Data is King!


Who is your target customer? How do you best serve them? How do you keep them?

Adopting a sound customer relationship management plan will help you answer those questions. Our CRM consultants work with you to select, implement, and optimize the right tools. The result? Improved performance, streamlined workflow, and increased productivity.

CRM systems use data on interactions with your existing customers to automate tools that help you improve those relationships, make new ones, and drive sales growth.

It’s almost like a hub in a wheel. It analyzes how your past and present customers have used your website and social media channels, and feeds that data to business apps and plugins.

Those tools – for things like accounting, billing, and project management – can then perform with more efficiency and an ability to respond instantly to your customer’s needs. recommends three different CRM platforms:

Agile CRM is a low-cost set of software services geared especially for small businesses. It includes marketing automation and a built-in social media suite. It’s fast and easy to set up, thanks to their onboarding team and free customer support. They use an open-API system so you can use widgets to extend the system’s functionality. You can even build custom widgets that integrate with many software applications.

Zoho CRM is an entire ecosystem of proprietary integrations that work together to improve the user experience. Data flow and automation are tightly managed because all of the apps are internal to Zoho CRM. Use one company and one system for data on everything from sales and marketing, to financials, to web analytics, to HR. has enterprise-level capabilities and uses an open-API platform with many different service providers and software integrations. It lets you stay on top of your automation needs, but it’s only as complex as you want it to be. The AppExchange has many Salesforce-specific apps and services. You can try any of them before you make a commitment. Once you decide, integration is easy.

Contact us today for more information about our CRM consulting services. Internet Marketing Services at Flat Fees. No Contracts. Just Results.

Residential Locksmithing

Residential Locksmithing

Friendly, professional, trustworthy

Annie realized her mistake in an instant. She’d stepped outside to look for the mailman, scooping up little Tyler along the way. But then came the horrifying “click!”

The door had swung shut behind her, and now Annie found herself standing in the desert sun, locked out of her own home, with a small child in her arms. She knew the door could close by itself, but today, her mind on an important letter and Tyler’s cough, she completely forgot to unlock it before she went outside.

The sun was beating down on Annie, and Tyler was starting to cry. She looked up and down the street, but it didn’t look like any of the neighbors were home. Her husband Mike was stationed overseas, and for one panicked moment, Annie forgot about the cell phone in her back pocket. She pulled it out and looked at it, not sure who to call.

Then she remembered the number Michael had given her. It was for a local locksmith that his folks used at their rental properties. They’d shared the number with Michael, and he’d insisted Annie save it in her phone, in case she lost a key.

Later, she made a point of thanking Mike’s parents. The locksmith arrived quickly and was friendly and professional.

Annie and Tyler were back inside the house, safe, just as the mailman arrived.

Successful residential locksmithing comes from years of customer trust. We’re proud to serve your needs.

Biometric Analysis

Biometric Analysis

Learn your life’s purpose!

Hear that?
A quiet calling? Maybe a longing in your soul? Listen closely. It could be your inner voice, telling you to seek your life’s purpose.

How do you find it? It’s not always easy. BizSavvy owner Deidre Walton Webb spent years trying to identify hers through meditation, vision quests, and other journeys. Yet she felt like something was missing…

Then Deirdre discovered scientific hand analysis.

She learned that there’s a wealth of information about us visible on our hands.

It is vital information about our relationships, our careers, and how we deal with money. She was awestruck.

We have the answers to the biggest questions in our hands!

Within each of our unique fingerprints is the blueprint to our life purpose, our lessons, and our blind spots.

The lines in our palms reveal the neural pathways in our brains, mapping how we think, relate to others, and process emotions, as well as how our innate gifts and talents can be applied to our work in the world.

In scientific hand analysis, the information from our fingerprints and palm are combined, allowing us to access deep insight that can lead us to the kind of success and fulfillment we’ve always wanted.

What Deirdre does:

  • Perform a life purpose analysis of you, and then pair it with personalized coaching to help you step into your true power. You are given space to identify, plan, and execute a vision of yourself.
  • The coaching is just as important as the analysis. It was designed to support you and your process of change, in a practical and playful way, with fast results.

What is scientific hand analysis?

  • A modern biometric tool that combines ancient hand-reading, recent scientific data, and current advances in psychology and neuroscience.
  • A method of reading the blueprint for your life purpose through the lines in your palms and fingertips. Studies on tens of thousands of hands have shown that the lines represent neural pathways in our brains.
  • Different from ancient palmistry, which is a tool of divination that emerged from the Far East more than 5,000 years ago.
  • Repeatable and teachable. It does not require psychic ability.
  • Avoids being predictive. It can’t tell you how many children or marriages you’ll have. That’s under your control!

It’s perfect if you if:

  • Feel there’s something more to your life.
  • Seek greater fulfillment in your work and life.
  • Desire better relationships with family, friends, and associates.
  • Know you can earn more money!
  • Want your employees to become more engaged in their work.
  • See yourself as a creative, visionary leader, yearning to make a greater impact in the world.

What can you learn from it?

  • Your life purpose. The area of your greatest strengths and fulfillment. What you are on earth to accomplish.
  • Your life lesson. Your greatest obstacle or blind spot to become conscious of and master.
  • Insight into how you think, feel, and communicate; your stamina; and possible hidden talents.
  • The brain’s neuroplasticity (ability to change) means the lines in your hands can change, too!

How will I benefit?

  • Gain new knowledge and certainty of your life purpose.
  • Learn how to quickly and fully manifest your purpose to generate more success and income.
  • Discover blind spots or obstacles and how to transcend them.
  • Better understand your approach to projects, tasks, career, and frustration.
  • Learn about your physical, mental, and emotional stamina so you can listen to and abide by your body rhythms.
  • Create and develop improved romantic and work relationships.
  • Invite a greater connection to your spirit.


Ready? Arrange your biometric analysis consultation today.

How One Small Company Is Growing Without a Brick & Mortar HQ

How One Small Company Is Growing Without a Brick & Mortar HQ

Digital tools keep everyone connected


The modern office typically follows a few layouts: Offices branching off from hallways; or large, open spaces with “work areas,” usually cubicles. Such setups let employees see others, discuss projects, and hold impromptu meetings with relative ease. In some open work areas, all they have to do to collaborate with co-workers is swivel their chairs.

Businesses with a far-flung, remote workforce have to find ways to collaborate through technology. But most of the remote workers, often called telecommuters, are still linked to a central headquarters.

The dynamic is a little different for businesses that have no home base but are made up of several home offices, tied together by technological tools. This is a particularly attractive option for young companies that can’t afford to lease traditional space.

One Boulder e-commerce company is finding that it’s a key aspect of their success.

MyGiftCardSupply distributes U.S.-purchased gift cards to international customers. The cards – from iTunes, Netflix, Spotify, and other large content providers – aren’t always easy to obtain in places like South America and Asia. To solve that problem, the company created a digital delivery card system through their website.

Running a business like this requires a staff of customer service agents, some of whom will need to be able to speak a multitude of foreign languages. Not long ago, they would have been in a central location, sitting in cubicles, wearing headsets. But MyGiftCardSupply’s six employees could be wearing their pajamas.

The company has no formal headquarters, according to CEO Sam Gastro, but is instead run remotely from Colorado, Chile, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Gastro founded the company in 2012 as an eBay reseller and quickly realized that it could be run entirely remotely.

In this interview, Gastro told me how he set up MyGiftCardSupply to run entirely as a decentralized business.


The interview:

Mark Duggan: Thanks for joining me today, Sam.

Sam Gastro: Great to be here, Mark. Thanks for having me.

Mark: What would say are the biggest benefits of working remotely?

Sam: We all get to work from home, be near our pets, and in some instances, our partners and children.

Mark: That’s so important. What kind of early challenges did you have with MyGiftCardSupply’s staff operating from different locations?

Sam: The challenge is creating a community and a common vibe. It hasn’t been something that’s come overnight, but I feel like the team is really clicking and we’re building a culture together, even though we span three continents and thousands of miles.

Mark: I’m sure running a business where the partners and staff are in far-flung locations has created some challenges. Can you describe some of them?

Sam: As the CEO, it’s always a balance of managing the day-to-day operations and keeping the bigger picture, the course of the company. We have hundreds of customers every day, so it’s easy to find yourself neck-deep in customer satisfaction. But I’m working to equip my team to take care of the daily tasks, while I can make sure we’re innovating and finding new opportunities.

Mark: How do you keep everyone in the loop?

Sam: We’ve done a really good job keeping a constant stream of communication going, so there’s never much to catch up on, but just keeping a constant cadence with each other.

Mark: Sam, what technological tools have you found to be indispensable to run a decentralized business?

Sam: Slack is our main piece of software. We recently migrated to it. The voice calling feature is nice, and there’s a slick screen-sharing utility. This allows for multiple chat channels, with tagging and “to-do list” delegation. It’s incredible software.

Mark: Do you still use email?

Sam: Yes, a lot of our business marketing is done with email.

Mark: How do you handle “red alert” issues that warrant immediate attention, since your staff is in different time zones and even continents?

Sam: It takes a lot of flexibility. With a 24/7 online business, you can get the red alert message at any time and it can take control of a day or two of your schedule. This is the price of admission for running an online startup and something that happens to us often. It makes us appreciate the normal days all the more.

Mark: How do you hire staff with such distances being a factor?

Sam: It’s important to have a competent team. I tend to give people small tasks to start out and I see how that goes, keeping the “investment” minimal to start. If the first week or two goes well, I add more until they’re fully on board. If at any time they’re not making the grade, I break ties. If you’re really paying attention, 2-3 weeks is enough time to know if you have a good candidate or not.

Mark: You have a lot of international customers. Why are they particularly important to your growth model?

Sam: People all over the world enjoy movies, music, and entertainment that the United States creates. With this demand, people need a way to buy that entertainment. Converting their currency to U.S. dollars is an inconvenience and expensive using a bank, but can be done easily through a credit card company. This allows our customers to buy, for example, a United States iTunes gift card, which carries a balance in U.S. dollars, with their credit card, which processes in Euros. Just like that, they have U.S. currency to buy a movie.

Mark: Sam, thank you for sitting down with me today.

Sam: Absolutely. Thank you.



MyGiftCardSupply is among a vanguard of small businesses that have found a way to grow without a central headquarters, using technology to link their staff across multiple continents and time zones.

Gastro predicted that MyGiftCardSupply would eventually move beyond selling gift cards. For now, they’ll stay “digital-only.” The company’s experience developing an order and inventory management system means they could evolve into selling standalone products for other companies. Then, according to Sam Gastro, an office in Colorado or South America may be in order.

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Mark is a fine writer and storyteller, able to create and manage quality web content. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to reimagine and build a new website, maintain a site, or take charge of your web content.”

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Kenneth J. Amundsen

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I've worked on a number of different projects with Mark and am always blown away at the quality of work he provides. His communication and professionalism keep me coming back and working with him again. I would highly recommend Mark's services for your business!”

Sam Gastro


Mark helps make our copy 'pop!' He's done a lot of copywriting and editing for us, and directly contributed to the success of several major projects. He's written for our websites, sales presentations, and marketing materials. He's a thoughtful, versatile, and highly-effective wordsmith. A true expert at his craft.

Scott Rose

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Mark brought our programming to a new level of professionalism. His vast experience in the multi-media world is an asset to any organization.

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Mark made a huge impact (and) proved invaluable to the organization.”

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