A New Era at Hanging Lake

The popular trail east of Glenwood Springs is now only accessible by permit and shuttle bus from Glenwood Springs. It’s part of a new reservation system following years of preparation and research.

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Orange River Blues

On August 5, 2015, the toxic secrets of The Gold King Mine high in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado spilled forth when workers breached a plug containing mine wastes. Three million gallons of heavy metal-laden wastewater spilled into area watersheds and flowed through downstream towns. I lived about three blocks from the Animas when it happened.

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Oracle State Park Gets a New Lease on Life

Arizona State Parks became a budget target for legislators a few years ago. They diverted funds from from the agency to help pay for a statewide budget deficit. Many parks were left with a skeleton staff and limited hours. A few, like Oracle State Park northeast of Tucson, closed entirely, until a group of volunteers opened their wallets to re-open the park.

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Reviving a Great American River

The Colorado River is the world’s most regulated waterway, with 25 dams on a 1,500-mile course. The river stops flowing in Mexico and never reaches the sea. National Geographic explorer Wade Davis has a solution for restoring the flow and reviving the once-verdant Colorado River Delta.

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Wildfires Leave Arizona Forests in a Delicate State

Large wildfires are now the norm in the West’s timberland. Millions of acres have burned in Arizona in the past decade alone. Forestry officials say these new ‘superfires’ will alter wildlife migration and watershed patterns for years to come. Mother Nature begins her repairs quickly, though, and among the new growth in burn areas comes a chance to learn more about fire behavior.

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