The Five Cs:
A Century Later

Arizona’s economy is said to be built on The Five Cs: Cattle, Citrus, Climate, Copper, and Cotton.

But things have changed. Today, it’s aerospace, biotech, and tourism that drive the state’s economy.

The Five Cs: A Century Later is a half-hour radio documentary that examines the state’s original economic engines. We explore their past and hear predictions about their future.

The Five Cs aired in 2012 on Tucson’s NPR station, KUAZ-FM. It received a regional Edward R. Murrow Award for “Best Radio Documentary” in 2013.


Total run time: 29:00
First aired: July, 2012 on KUAZ-FM/Arizona Public Media in Tucson
Senior Producer/Host/Audio Editor: Mark Duggan
Contributing Reporters: Mark Duggan, Fernanda Echavarria, Robert Rappaport, Steve Shadley
Executive Producer: Peter Michaels


Newborn calf learning to walk
Corn and corn mash in man's palms
Man reaches for orange on tree
Closeup of man tearing apart orange segments
Cotton just picked from a field
Modern cotton gin at work
Man checking settings on cotton gin computer controls
Newly-ginned cotton in a bin
Saguaro cactus and desert mountains at sunset
Copper mine tailings piles in Arizona
Proposed Rosemont Mine site valley and mountains
Children playing near copper smelter
Morenci open pit copper mine
Open pit copper mine in Arizona
Ray Copper Mine
Oak Flat campground
Superior Arizona
Five Cs Logo
Newborn Calf
Corn Mash
Grower's Hands
Cotton Chute
Cotton, Pre-Ginned
A Modern Cotton Gin
Gin Tech
Cotton, Ginned
Saguaro National Park
Ray Mine Tailings
Rosemont Site
Playground and Smelter
Morenci Copper Mine
Ray Mine Pit and Trucks
Ray Mine Operations
Oak Flat
Dead Downtown Superior
Sign in abandoned building, downtown Superior, Arizona
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