An Exploration of Arizona Astronomy

A five-part radio documentary series examining professional and amateur astronomy in the state.

The Stories

The Popular Science of Public Observatories

Interest in astronomy is increasing. As proof, observatories that have public viewing programs book them months in advance. People want to see what the professional astronomers are seeing in the night sky.

A Century of Stargazing

How did Arizona get to be the epicenter of astronomy in the United States? Part of it was happenstance. But Arizona’s notoriously clear and dark skies played a role, too.

The Age of the Giant Telescope

There’s a new “world’s largest telescope” every few years. It’s become a race to build instruments that see farther into the heavens.

Dark Skies, Bright Future

Arizona became a center for astronomy in the early 20th century because of its clear, dark skies. The cities were small, remote mountaintops were plentiful, and clouds were rare. The state boasted up to nine months a year of near-perfect conditions for astronomy.

Tomorrow, We See Farther

Astronomers admit that our map of the known universe has a lot of blank spots, a lot of areas we simply know nothing about. The next generation of projects aims to change that.

The Photos

Collecting Light Video Preview

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