Copywriting: Residential Locksmithing

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Annie realized her mistake in an instant. She’d stepped outside to look for the mailman, scooping up Tyler along the way. But then came the horrifying “click!

She knew what had happened immediately. The door had swung shut behind her. Now, Annie found herself standing in the desert sun, locked out of her home, a small child in her arms. She knew the door could close by itself. But today, with her mind on an important letter and Tyler’s cough, she forgot to unlock it before she went outside.

The sun was beating down on her and Tyler was starting to cry. She looked up and down the street, but no one was outside. It didn’t look like any of her neighbors were home. Her husband Mike was stationed overseas and for one panicked moment, she forgot about the cell phone in her back pocket. She pulled it out and looked at it, not sure who to call.

Then she remembered the phone number Mike had given her. It was a locksmith that his folks used at their rental properties. They’d shared it with Michael and he’d insisted Annie save it in her phone, in case she lost a key.

Later, she made a point of thanking Mike’s parents. The locksmith was prompt and professional. Annie and Tyler were back inside the house and safe, just as the mailman arrived.

Locksmithing is built on trust and experience. We can help you feel more secure and safe. Contact South Valley Locksmithing today.

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