One of the most profound effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the toll on our mental health.

We’re not used to this. Human beings are social creatures. We’ve built a society around being together, being close, touching each other. And all of that is verboten now as we try to maintain social distance and quarantine ourselves in some cases.

It’s all to keep both ourselves and others safe. And to hopefully flatten the curve of the spread of infection. But what do we do to keep our minds sound while doing something that seems so unnatural to us?

Montezuma County Health Director Bobbi Lock says there are resources available for those suffering from isolation and stress.

Lock also recommends giving yourself a break from the barrage of news stories around COVID-19. And that means it might be time to binge-watch a TV show or crack open that book that’s been staring at your from the shelf for a while.

Listen to the story:

Open Range News’ Mark Duggan is reporting on the impact of the coronavirus in the Four Corners region for KSUT Public Radio. The stories and audio here were previously aired and published by KSUT.

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