Recently, a group of about 30 parents and educators met in the lunchroom at Sopris Elementary School in Glenwood Springs to plot out the school’s future. The “Future of SES” initiative, as it’s known, is meant to build on the school’s existing merits. Mark Duggan reports.

The process of “visioning” what the group wanted for the school was led by Matt Gray from Civic Canopy, which works with schools and other organizations to improve existing structures.

In this case, Gray led the parents through several exercises designed to identify what was working – and what wasn’t – at the school.

Principal Dave Lindenburg, who’s also a parent of Sopris students, is looking forward to the results of the visioning process.

Although he’s excited to be working with Civic Canopy, he was clear that parents and school staff are the most valuable resource at Sopris.

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