Mark Duggan is a diligent, professional, talented writer and content producer that takes pride in his work and takes the time to do the research. His writing for us and our clients has been well-received and has he has helped increase our web presence.”

Bryan Wachs

CEO, Co-Founder, MySalesButler

“Mark is a fine writer and storyteller, able to create and manage quality web content. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to reimagine and build a new website, maintain a site, or take charge of your web content.”

Toni Todd

Former Executive Director, KBUT Radio

“Mark has an extensive professional background, which was appealing to me as I was evaluating the credentials of writers to use in our monthly edition and related magazines and directories. I especially liked his experience with public radio, where telling a complete and detailed story fits the format of the medium. He digs in to research the topic in order to write clearly and intelligently about it. I recommend that you take a close look at Mark Duggan’s credentials and experience as you consider him for work with your organization.”

Kenneth J. Amundsen

Managing Editor, BizWest Magazine

“Mark helps make our copy ‘pop!’ He’s done a lot of copywriting and editing for us, and directly contributed to the success of several major projects. He’s written for our websites, sales presentations, and marketing materials. He’s a thoughtful, versatile, and highly effective wordsmith. A true expert at his craft.”

Scott Rose

Owner, Secure Pick Locksmith, LLC

“I got to know Mark well, and know that his heart is always focused in the right place – community, communication, and success for broadcasting.”

Christine Geiger

Support Manager, NPR Digital Services

“Mark is a real pro. A skilled writer, reporter, producer, narrator, and on-air host. He would be a strong contributor to any media organization.”

Sam Fuqua

Former Executive Director, KGNU

“Almost overnight the quality and quantity of our posts improved, and engagement increased. I’m grateful for Mark’s ability to understand and interpret the core concepts around our mission and translate them into engaging and compelling stories.”

Josh Hudnall

Producer/Co-Founder, TEDxGrandJunction

“Mark is a professional in every way. He was timely and delivered precisely what I requested. He asks all the right questions so I was confident I was in good hands. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark!”

Gretchen Lehman

Co-Founder, Unthink Solutions

“Mark is a brilliant wordsmith and a pleasure to work with. He is able to reach your target market with the verbiage they can connect with while keeping your unique voice in the mix. Mark is more than willing to deliver results for you.”

Deirdre Dalton Webb

Owner/Proprietor, BizSavvy/Dalton Ranch/Dalton Vineyard

“I’ve worked on a number of different projects with Mark and am always blown away at the quality of work he provides. His communication and professionalism keep me coming back and working with him again. I would highly recommend Mark’s services for your business!”

Sam Gastro

CEO, MyGiftCardSupply

“Mark brought our programming to a new level of professionalism. His vast experience in the multi-media world is an asset to any organization.”

Tami Graham

Executive Director, KSUT Radio

“Mark made a huge impact (and) proved invaluable to the organization.”

Rob Rawls

Station Manager, KSUT

“Truly exceptional content & service. Would not hesitate to recommend Open Range News.”

David Finberg

CEO, Peaks Digital Marketing


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