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Getting Serious About Security

Adam didn’t get to relax until late afternoon. Most of his first day as a new manager was filled with meetings. Now, alone in his office, he looked around and smiled in satisfaction. He’d worked hard to land the job and was eager to put his mark on the place.

He thought about his biggest priority. This restaurant didn’t suffer from some of the issues others had. He had inherited an experienced kitchen and wait staff, a popular menu, and reliable purveyors.

But he’d also learned that most of the employees had a key to the front door. That surprised him. An honor system had been in place for a while. It made Adam uneasy, even though the restaurant’s books showed very little food was walking away. His alarm increased when he learned that some former employees hadn’t turned in their keys when they left. To him, it was like leaving the front door unlocked 24 hours a day.

Adam made a quick decision. His first act as a manager would be to call a locksmith. He sorted through his files and found the number the company he’d used at his last restaurant. It was time to change every lock on the property and issue keys to only the shift managers.

It would send a message that the new boss was serious about security. It would say “there’s a new way of doing business.”

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